Flower by weight

Fully lab tested, organic, indoor grown hemp flower.

Green Crack – This tangy, slightly fruity sativa dominant strain is the perfect daytime flower. Green crack brings great focus and an uplifted mood.

Sex Panther – Earthy, spicy, with just a touch of sweetness, sex panther is a wonderful all around flower. Falling right in the middle of the spectrum of indica and sativa Sex Panther leaves you with a tingly, euphoric feel… and maybe a touch of hunger. (Fun fact- the name is inspired by the cologne from the movie Anchorman)

London Pound Cake – Smooth, spicy, sweet, nutty, this pound cake is like none you’ve ever had before! Heavy hitter boasting 30% total cannabinoids this beautiful flower with leave you relaxed, tingly, and sleepy. Perfect way to unwind after a tough day!

Grape Frosty – With a beautiful purple hue, grape frosty is an excellent choice for those struggling with pain or insomnia. High levels of the myrcene terpene make this herbal, gassy flower a powerhouse for inflammation and pain. Just be aware, you may sit in the same spot for a bit while it works it’s magic… so snuggle in and get comfy!

Peanut Butter & Jealousy- This indica leaning hybrid boasts an impressive total cannabinoid percentage of 29.79%. Nutty aroma and flavor with just a hint of sweetness. This strain is perfect for an afternoon relaxing or to help get the creative juices flowing. Effects are relaxed, focused, and creative.

Jungle Juice- Balancing sweet and sour citrus flavors, this strain offers a flavorful release from sleeplessness, stress, and pain.

Gelato Cake- known to cause full-body sedation which can last up to a few hours, so it’s best to enjoy this strain before bed or during a relaxing night at home watching movies. Medical patients choose Gelato Cake for stimulating appetite and relieving stiffness, pain and stress.